Total Cure for Sciatica

“Doctor, I am just 29 years old, but have been bed-ridden with this horribly extreme sciatic nerve pain since the past 5 months now. I have two young children and a family to take care of. My youngest child is just 1.7 months old and my husband works on a cruise and is away from home for 9-13 months at a stretch and I have called in my aged and sick mom to handle my home.

Nothing alleviates this horrible burning nerve pain and I cannot even hold my kid in my arms. I have tried everything that I possibly could to get rid of this sciatica but the pain killers and sedatives have only added new symptoms to my list of discomforts and the weirdest part is that all of my diagnostic reports (X-ray, MRI and blood tests) have come out normal.

My husband now thinks I am either putting on an act or that my problem is psychological. I am contacting you as the last resort. Please do not give me any false hopes or vacant promises, just let me know if there is indeed a cure for sciatic nerve pain that is effective, safe and quick to act? Can you help me lead a normal life again?”

This is just one of the hundreds of mails that floods my inbox each day from people suffering from sciatica pain. There is so much of pain, suffering and desperation in these mails that it sickens me to even think that there are even more numbers of suffering people, unaware of the best way to relieve sciatic nerve pain because they have not yet reached out to me.

How Do We Help in Healing Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Here at, each patient is considered as an individual case. His / her case is scrutinized minutely and analyzed using almost 75+ parameters like cause of sciatic nerve pain, nature of physical complaints, factors that worsen and relieve the complaints, physical, mental and emotional constitution, family history, past history, other underlying health disorders and so on.

This means that even twin siblings suffering from sciatica could receive different medications.

Medication for Sciatica

The medications for sciatica that we prescribe here are homeopathic. Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine where entire focus is on individualization and personalization of treatment. Homeopathic medicines for sciatica are made from natural sources like plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

Homeopathic medicines are unlike herbal remedies or other natural remedies, as they are never used in the raw or original extracted form. The raw extract undergoes a rigorous process of purification and potentization, and different strengths or potencies of the same medicine are created for use according to individual case.

NSAIDs and other sciatic nerve pain medications routinely used in allopathic or modern medicine cause various side effects like bleeding ulcers in the stomach, hyperacidity, kidney and heart problems, water retention, swelling, skin rashes etc.

Best Medicine for Sciatica

Homeopathic medicines for sciatica are not only effective, deep acting and targeted, but also are totally safe and without dangerous side-effects.

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