Sciatica Nerve Pregnancy Related Problems

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Troubles related to sciatic nerve in pregnancy are quite a common feature. A good number of pregnant women experience backache, sciatica or other symptoms of pinched sciatic nerve, some or the other time during the course of nine months.

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How Does Sciatica During Pregnancy Feel Like?

Well, sciatica during pregnancy is often experienced as a dull aching / drawing kind of pain. Sometimes the pain is described as a burning discomfort, while acute sciatic nerve pain could be experienced as shooting, throbbing or electrifying pain.

The pain could worsen from prolonged standing, exposure to cold, when lying down, when turning around in bed, after a long tiring day, after a walk, sudden movements like jerk of a vehicle, when sneezing, coughing and so on.

Many patients say that they experience sciatic nerve pain relief by engaging in activities that improve the blood flow towards the lower back and limb like massaging the affected area, using a heating pad and moderate exercise.

While these are general modalities, each case is unique and patients often present with distinctive modalities.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Location

The exact location of pain in sciatica, could vary from person to person and the usual areas that are affected include the lower back, buttocks, hips, on lateral side of thigh, in the thigh, in and around the knee joint, in the calf muscles or even affect the entire leg.

Typically the ache is on one side and affects either the left or the right side of the back and lower limb.

Rarely, the sciatic nerve pain could be quite excruciating and torturous as well. Such cases of extreme sciatic nerve pain could severely limit the normal day to day functions. Even simple and routine activities like using the stairs, sitting down or rising from a seat, or sudden movements of the body during sneezing, coughing etc. could all aggravate the neuralgic pain.

Causes of Sciatica in Pregnancy

A woman’s body undergoes major changes during pregnancy, starting from the first trimester itself. These changes are all designed keeping the development, growth and finally the birth of the baby.

It is important to understand that the major focus of your body during pregnancy is on the safe and healthy development of your baby. Some of the changes that your body undergoes may not be conducive to your optimum comfort.

For instance, the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic area tend to get relaxed during pregnancy. This is quite normal and is your body’s way of gearing up for birthing. Relaxation of the muscles and ligaments ensure smooth passage of the baby through your birth canal with minimum amount of discomfort to you during childbirth and more importantly will help avoid injury/ damage to your baby.

But the downside to this preparation is that you could begin to experience sore or dull pain in the lower back.

Another important contributing factor towards sciatica in pregnancy is the additional strain on your vertebral column and the lumbar area due to your pregnancy weight gain and of course your enlarging uterus with your growing baby inside it.

The enlarging uterus often puts pressure on the surrounding pelvic and abdominal organs, which in turn can create a pressure on your underlying sciatic nerve. This pressure upon your sciatic nerve could be the cause of irritation that eventually leads to sciatica.

Needless to say that this pressure is magnified in twin / multiple pregnancies.

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain of Pregnancy

The usual methods used to treat sciatic nerve pain may not be suitable for an expectant mom. Sciatica nerve pain medications that are commonly used to get relief from sciatica could prove to be harmful to the health of the fetus in your womb.

The best treatment for sciatica during pregnancy is one that is devoid of all side effects and provides quick, effective relief from sciatica pain and is safe for both mother and fetus.

HMS homeopathic medication for sciatica is doubtlessly the best option for pregnant women because in addition to providing safe and effective pain relief, it also strengthens the overall constitution and boosts immunity.

Added Advantage of Using Homeopathy for Pregnancy Sciatica

No matter what your presenting disease / health complaint is, our HMS homeopathic treatment for that is always based on totality of symptoms.

What this means in layman terms is that your homeopathic consultants here at HMS (Healmysciatica) will not simply prescribe medications based on your disease diagnosis.

Instead, we take into account your entire body composition (Mind, Body, Soul -Trinity), your past medical history, your family history, your personal characteristics and mannerisms etc and then manage your treatment using the big picture.

Using our HMS protocol homeopathic medicine for sciatica during pregnancy will not only get rid of your sciatic nerve pain symptoms but also help you in enjoying a healthy pregnancy and of course an easy delivery, because of a boost in your inherent immunity and strengthening of your basic constitution.

Get in touch with us now to enjoy a pain-free, healthy pregnancy! Click the blue button below to start live WhatsApp chat with Dr. Kavita

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